The idea of ​​this application emerged in order to fill a gap of my years of studies of improvisation and music. The biggest shortcomings that a music student suffers from, is the lack of a systematic study-method, time-management and study-material. One of the biggest mistakes in the study of music is the way of informational structure that books offer. A book's structuring is very unlike the way you learn improvisation.

The structuring of pages, and the fact of imparting concepts page by page is not an effective method to assimilate the knowledge. Another limitation is its lack of interactivity. The study of improvisation is very similar to the study of a language. The only way to learn it in a fluid way is to live in the country, experiencing and applying the language in many different ways and situations. This application obligates you to confront these situations homologous in music.


Artur Pañach

Founder of Impromastering came up with the idea of Impromastering while studying Jazz guitar in Barcelona’s Conservatory Liceo in 2012. In order to put Impromastering into action, he learned programming in an autodidactic way and is Impromastering’s Project Manager.


Katja Steffens

Co-founder of Impromastering studied Jazz flute in Rotterdam’s Conservatory and Berklee College of Music. She performed in different bands playing Brazilian, Jazz and Latin music. Working as a music and german teacher she joined Impromastering in august 2013 and is now taking care of many things other than Programming.

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