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Video Getting Started 1: Adding tunes, licks and viewing exercices

Explaining different funtions on the web, first steps to take in order to fill the database and where to find what. 

Video Getting Started 2: Viewing lick-exercise and adding specific licks

First tips for playing within the exercises: How to add specific licks over certain chords to your lick-list.

Video Getting Started 3: How to manage your licks

Viewing functions in simple and advanced view: Publish and unpublishing licks, using filters and

Video Getting Started 4: How to upload transcriptions

How to upload new transcriptions, transcriptions in different transpositions and corrected transcriptions.

What is a transcription?

In jazz or modern music, musicians often transcribe solos, meaning they write down the sound of a previously unnotated melody line

What is a lick?

A lick is a "single-note melodic line... a musical idea, a passage or phrase, that is believed to be appealing"


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