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Yes And No, Wayne Shorter, , Up Tempo Swing, DMajor

Title Composer T/S Tonality Mode Style Actions
Airegin Sonny Rollins 4/4 F Minor Up Tempo Swing
Airmail Special Charlie Christian 4/4 C Major Medium Up Swing
Aisha Mc Coy Tyner 4/4 A Minor Ballad
Alexander's Ragtime Band Irving Berlin 4/4 F Major Medium Swing
Alfie's Theme Sonny Rollins 4/4 Bb Minor Medium Swing
Alfie Burt Bacharach 4/4 Bb Major Ballad
Alice In Wonderland Sammy Fain 3/4 C Major Waltz
All About Ronnie Joe Greene 4/4 Bb Major Ballad
All Alone Irving Berlin 3/4 F Major Waltz
All Blues Miles Davis 3/4 G Major Waltz
All By Myself Irving Berlin 4/4 C Major Medium Swing
All God's Chillun Got Rhythm Kahn-Kaper 4/4 F Major Medium Up Swing
All My Tomorrows Jimmy Van Heusen 4/4 G Major Ballad
All Of A Sudden My Heart Sings Herpin-Jamblan-Rome 4/4 C Major Ballad
All Of Me Gerald Marks 4/4 C Major Medium Swing
All Of You Cole Porter 4/4 Eb Major Medium Swing
All Or Nothing At All Arthur Altman 4/4 A Minor Medium Up Swing
All The Things You Are Jerome Kern 4/4 Ab Major Medium Up Swing
All The Way Jimmy Van Heusen 4/4 Eb Major Ballad
All Through The Day Kern-Hammerstein 4/4 F Major Medium Swing

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